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What's all that sound; where is it comin' from?" "I never heard anything like that before!" and "You changed my whole perspective of a ukulele." :) ... just a few things I heard over lastnight's concert. All in attendance were quick to recognize the quality of this 'man and his ukuleles' performance, the tone and his expression (all of them) was outstanding! Manitoba Hal Brolund, you left us all in awe... and wanting more.” - Lavena Crocker - Tivertonian Playhouse

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If you like singer songwriters you're going to enjoy Manitoba Hal, if you love, country, blues, folk, gospel, cajun, and celtic, music then you're going to love Manitoba Hal!” - Brian Mcghee (Keep Ukulele Playing Live)
A charming pro that holds his own against time and tide in fine style, it's easy to say this is as good as white boy blues gets... ” - Midwest Jan 12, 2017

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From all your friends in Saskatoon that you have entertained for so many years..... on stage in concert and in our cozy living rooms where you told tales of how songs came to be and twisted yarns of your travels !! You kept us mesmerized and at times in tears as you sang.” - Joannie Dueck (on Facebook)
Manitoba Hal is great!!!! He can take you from zero to being a blues boss in a short amount of time. raised my confidence in playing greatly. totally inspired me to play!” - Sally Paton

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Impossible indeed to imagine that this instrument has only four strings when one attends the concert of the Canadian Manitoba Hal, a true one-man band who, alone on stage, knew how to revive in a remarkable way the greatest standards of the blues.” - La Voix Du Nord July 2022