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License Plate Guitars/Ukuleles

#33 1994 BC License Plate Guitar

$300 plus shipping

This hand crafted guitar is made from a pine body with a 23 inch scale red Oak neck and a white Oak fingerboard. The action is low and the neck is fully intonated up the neck. The floating bridge is fitted to the license plate and there is a 3 band EQ preamp installed to amplify the piezo pickup placed under the plate at the location of the bridge.

#48 Concert Box Ukulele

$200 plus shipping

This cigar box ukulele is a real treat to play. The tobacco sunburst harkens back to a vintage style and flavour making this a great addition to your ukulele collection.

Concert scale length (tuned gCEA)
The body is 9 3/4" long x 7" wide x 2 1/2 " deep

Cigar Box Guitars / Diddley Bows

#50 Cigarbox Resonator Ukulele

$400 plus shipping

“Attic find” resonator ukulele. This relic uke is full of mojo. The copper cone is fitted with a walnut biscuit and a bone saddle. The sound feels old and worn in just like an old ukulele found in the attic should sound

Cohiba cigar box
16” Tenor Scale Ukulele
Copper cone
Walnut biscuit
Bone saddle
Pearloid headstock and heel cap
Low G Aquilla strings