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Learned Pigs And Fireproof Women

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Learned Pigs And Fireproof Women © Hal Brolund (SOCAN) 2011

When the carnival came to this rural town
Every fool wants to lay his money down
We got a ferris wheel, games of chance
A tunnel of love for pure romance
Men will believe in what they see
If you put it on a poster, they will believe
Everybody wants to hear the bearded lady sing
This side show has everything (We got)

Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women
Everybody'd pay a dollar to see em'
We got a piece of the one true cross
We got the bones of the union boss

Jakeleg Chester and Bootleg Sam
Were working at the carnival and they had a plan
Saturday night when the tent was full
They were gonna rob this carnival
They would grab the cash and jump the train
Never come back to this town again
Hide in the bushes until they hear the bell
Grab the cash and run like hell (from the)


The bearded lady was still singing her song
When the Mississippi freight train came along
Jakeleg Chester grabbed the cash and ran
As Bootleg held a gun on the ticket man
They ran for the tracks but they missed the rail
And the dog faced boy was still chasing his tail
Stash the cash, or pay the cost
They hid it with the bones of the union boss

They never found the money and I know it's a fact
They took those boys away and they ain't coming back
They sheriff came around looking for the dough
I hid it down in my bed roll
And I left that town without thinking twice
I got my own way to paradise
I bought myself a truck, a small side show
and every single summer well I hit the road (with my)